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Why you MUST winterize your irrigation system

Why is lawn sprinkler system winterizing essential? Here is the chilling truth. In winter, the remaining water in your sprinkler heads expands and contracts, putting sprinkler heads, pipes, or backflows at risk for cracking. This can lead to expensive repairs! It is

ideal to have your sprinkler system serviced in early fall, around Southern Indiana we start winterizing systems the 1st week of October and finish before Thanksgiving.

Here are the optimal steps for Sprinkler System Winterization:

  • Hire an industry professional for this service to avoid amateur mistakes.

  • Turn off the main sprinkler line.

  • Fill the sprinkler lines with compressed air to push all the water out of the system; It’s most effective to use a commercial compressor that blows at least 75 CFM’s (Cubic Feet per Minute) at 60psi.

  • Open each valve either at the control box or manually at the valve to release the water from each zone.

A professionally maintained sprinkler system could mean the difference between a system that lasts 5 years and a system that lasts 25 years!

Enjoy fall festivities, the holiday season, and the thrills and chills of the winter months knowing that your sprinkler system will be ready to rock in the spring and summer. Don’t forget the importance of looking to the professionals for Spring Startups and Backflow Tests too! At Sprinklers Plus we service Southwestern Indiana and Northwestern Kentucky.


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