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Sprinklers Plus

Have an irrigation-related question? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our company and services.

Do I need a WIFI controller?

We strongly encourage all customers to have a WIFI controller on their irrigation system. When installed and programmed properly, they can save you a great amount of water usage. They can also allow us to take care of your irrigation service work without needing access to your garage. Get in touch with one of the most experienced lawn irrigation companies in the area by giving us a call!

What do WIFI controllers do for me?

Not only do they save a great amount of water usage but they also allow you to make changes to your irrigation system from anywhere in the world. They also allow Sprinklers Plus to monitor your irrigation system and make changes for you remotely. By doing this, it saves many customer service calls and helps prevent major damages. Give us a call to work with one of the dependable lawn irrigation companies in the area.

As the customer, what do I need to provide in order to upgrade to a WIFI controller?

When Sprinklers Plus installs your new WIFI controller, we need:

- A 110V outlet
- A 2.4GHZ WIFI Signal at the controller location
- The WIFI password entered into the controller

Sprinklers Plus, one of the lawn irrigation companies in the area, takes care of the rest of the programming of the controller and provides you access to the controller.

What if I currently don’t have a 2.4GHZ WIFI signal at my controller?

Typically it isn’t very hard to get internet to the controller anymore. With WIFI being a part of so many household products, including cameras, garage door openers, and more, most customers already have sufficient WIFI throughout their property. If you don’t, it is very easy and economical to purchase a WIFI Booster, WIFI Extender, or a WIFI Mesh Network. These products are easily available at stores, like Best Buy, Staples, and Amazon. As one of the most experienced lawn irrigation companies in the area, we can help guide you through the differences if you need some additional help.

Are sprinkler irrigation systems difficult to operate?

Today’s sprinkler system timer controllers are very easy to operate. Sprinklers Plus will install the controller that will best suit your needs and will program your individual watering schedule. We will then instruct you on how to change the watering program. Your Sprinklers Plus professional will be available to you long after the installation is completed to assist you with operating your system and to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with our team at one of the most reliable lawn irrigation companies in the area.

Will I use more water with a sprinkler irrigation system than if I keep watering myself?

No. You’ll conserve water and use less! Your properly programmed system will not overwater and can’t forget to turn itself off. Your controller can even be fitted with a moisture sensor that will tell it not to turn on if it’s raining. The system can also be easily adjusted to apply less water during the off-peak seasons. Get sprinkler repairs from our team today!

Will my automatic sprinkler irrigation system water better than I can?

Yes! A properly designed and installed system will apply the right amount of water to the individual areas that need it. There’s no need for shady parts of your lawn and landscape to receive as much water as areas that are exposed to full sun throughout the day. A Sprinklers Plus designer will size your sprinkler irrigation system heads and zones to achieve the right volume for each area. By getting in touch with our team, you can get the sprinkler repairs you need.

Are there different systems to choose from?

There are many different manufacturers of irrigation system components. Sprinklers Plus will be able to advise you on which best suits your needs. As one of the lawn irrigation companies in the area, we are familiar with your water source, soil type, planting materials, and local weather conditions.

Will I save money if I install my own system?

You could actually end up spending more money in the long run. Sprinklers Plus will plan, design, and install the most energy-efficient and cost-effective sprinkler system possible. Your lawn and landscape will receive the precise amount of water that is required without wasteful overwatering. Also, the Sprinklers Plus designer is familiar with the volume and flow characteristics of all the components of your sprinkler system and is knowledgeable about the applicable local codes relating to backflow prevention. Get the sprinkler repairs you need by giving us a call!

How much will an automatic sprinkler irrigation system cost me?

The price of any custom automatic sprinkler irrigation system depends upon the size of your yard, the number of zones required for proper irrigation, the type of landscaping you have, your water source, and many other factors. As these factors can vary widely, feel free to contact us for pricing information for sprinkler repairs.

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