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Backflow Testing

The EPA requires backflow prevention on every irrigation system connected to a potable water supply.  There are 2 styles of devices allowed by the State of Indiana.  Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) or Reduced Principle Device (RP).  PVB is required to be at least 12" above the highest discharge point.  The RP device is required to be 12" above the ground.  Both units are required to be certified annually.

Backflow Prevention Program Explained

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The Backflow Prevention Program:  It was established by the EPA to prevent back siphonage events that would allow contanaments into our drinking water supply.

Cross-connection:  Any pipe arrangement where backflow into the public water system may occur.

Backflow Prevention Device:  A mechanical device or piping configuration that prevents backflow of contaminated water into a potable water system from occurring at a cross-connection.  Home irrigations systems or a garden hose dropped into a swimming pool are both cross-connections.

Experience Matters

  • We have a large staff of certified testers that will keep you compliant with the water company.

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  • We work directly with the water companies to help make sure your drinking water is safe

  • Testing backflows for 24+ years!

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