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Step-by-Step Process from Contract to Installation


Getting a sprinkler system can be a big decision. Our goal at Sprinklers Plus is to make that process go as smoothly as possible with minimal surprises. Here is our step-by-step process from sprinkler estimate to final walkthrough.

Step 1: Setting up a time to get an estimate. This part is easy, just call us at 812-858-1325 or email We recommend reserving at least an hour for your sprinkler estimate.

Step 2: The day of your design and estimate. Plumbing: We begin every estimate with identifying where will be receiving our main water source. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as connecting to your existing hose bibs. Lawn Sprinkler systems need lots of water so we need to connect to a main water line. Typically we connect at your second water meter or if you have a lake we might put a pump in the lake to supply your irrigation system.

Property Lines: Next we will need for you to determine your property lines.

Presentation and Pricing: After we measure your property we will provide you with information about the products we use. We will go over how much the irrigation system will cost and provide you with upgrade options.

Step 3: Signing up: When you want to move forward with getting your lawn sprinkler system, we need you to do the following:

1. Double check your name, address and phone numbers to ensure we have the correct information

2. Review and indicate if you want any additional options

3. Sign at the bottom of contract and mail with a deposit to our office at 3288 Tower Dr. Newburgh, IN 47630.

Step 4: Scheduling: We base our installs on first come first serve basis. When your signed contract and deposit are received you will be placed on our list. When it gets close to your place in line we will notify you as well as call in utility locates with Indiana 811.

Step 5: Installation Day: The morning of your installation, your sales representative or supervisor will place flags where every rotor and spray heads will be installed. The crew will hand dig around all marked utility lines where we cross them. Please notify the crew leader of the location of any private underground obstacles (ex: dog fence, drainage, electrical conduit, etc.). We will also need to know exactly where your controller will be installed. When installing the system we use a vibratory plow. This is a blade that goes into the ground and drags the pipe under it, so we will not be trenching your yard. The crew will then hand dig and connect all piping and heads to the system. After all of the plumbing and wiring work is completed they will put water to the system and adjust all sprinkler heads and make sure the system is operating correctly.

Step 6: Walk Through of System: After your sprinkler installation has been completed, we will review the entire system with you. You will be shown the following:

  • Control Box: we will show you how to set the date and time, watering times and recommended watering schedules

  • Emergency shut off valve: this will turn all water to your system

  • Adjusting spray and rotor heads: you can adjust distance and rotation for your heads

  • Review of valve boxes etc

Step 7: Collecting payment In order to pay our employees and vendors in a timely fashion, we need to collect a check when we finish your walkthrough. After 14 days past your installation day, we reserve the right to charge a late fee.


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