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Among the Top Lawn Irrigation Companies in Newburgh, IN

Since 1999, Sprinklers Plus has designed, installed, and serviced residential and commercial irrigation systems in Evansville, Indiana and the surrounding areas. We're among the lawn irrigation companies Evansville, IN residents can depend upon!

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Top Residential and Commercial
Irrigation Contractor

Sprinklers Plus designs systems to fit your specific needs, from a small flower bed to large commercial projects. Learn why we're among the top lawn irrigation companies in Newburgh, IN and the surrounding areas.

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Certified Backflow Testing


Evansville Water and Indiana American Water will be enforcing their backflow inspection policy. All backflow preventers will be required to be certified yearly. Sprinklers Plus has 6 certified backflow inspectors on staff. This is one of the things that puts us among the lawn irrigation companies Evansville, IN residents can depend upon. Check our backflow page for more information.


Featured Projects:Since we're among the lawn irrigation companies Newburgh, IN residents and residents of the surrounding areas can rely on, you may recognize some of our projects around the community below:

  • USI

  • The District

  • Deaconess Gateway Hospital

  • Mead Johnson

  • Jacobsville Streetscapes

  • Goebel Soccer Complex


The University of Southern Indiana is a public university located just outside of Evansville, Indiana. Founded in 1965, USI enrolls 10,929 dual credit, undergraduate, and doctoral students in more than 80 majors


Tropicana Evansville is a casino hotel in downtown Evansville, Indiana, owned by Gaming and Leisure Properties and operated by Eldorado Resorts. Originally named Casino Aztar, it was opened by Aztar Corporation in 1995 as the state’s first casino.


Deaconess Gateway Hospital, The Women’s Hospital, and The Heart Hospital are all part of the Deaconess Gateway Campus, the east campus of Deaconess Hospital in Indiana.


Mead Johnson Nutrition is a leading manufacturer of infant formula both domestically and globally with its flagship product Enfamil.


Jacobsville, located just north of downtown Evansville, is a neighborhood in the midst of a transformation and known for its active antique and thrift shops, eateries, and iconic landmarks. As an overall community goal, Evansville is working to connect the five cultural districts in its urban core (including Jacobsville) to create a more inviting, walkable, and sustainable community. The Jacobsville Streetscape Improvements project is the first part of the overall revitalization.


Goebel Soccer Complex is a multi-purpose $3.4 million project that opened in the spring of 2004 on 70 acres of land in Evansville, Indiana, USA. The facility has nine Olympic-size irrigated Bermuda grass fields and one Olympic-size AstroPlay turf field.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are sprinkler irrigation systems difficult to operate?

Today’s sprinkler system timer controllers are very easy to operate. Sprinklers Plus will install the controller that will best suit your needs and will program your individual watering schedule. We will then instruct you on how to change the watering program. Your Sprinklers Plus professional will be available to you long after the installation is completed to assist you with operating your system and to answer any questions, you may have.

Will I use more water with a sprinkler irrigation system than if I keep watering myself?

No. You’ll conserve water and use less! Your properly programmed system will not overwater and can’t forget to turn itself off. Your controller can even be fitted with a moisture sensor that will tell it not to turn on if it’s raining. The system can also be easily adjusted to apply less water during the off-peak seasons.

Will my automatic sprinkler irrigation system water better than I can, myself?

Yes! A properly designed and installed system will apply the right amount
of water to the individual areas that need it. There’s no need for shady parts of your lawn and landscape to receive as much water as areas that are exposed to full sun throughout the day. A Sprinklers Plus designer will size your sprinkler irrigation system heads and zones to achieve the right volume for each area.


Are there different systems to choose from?

There are many different manufacturers of irrigation system components. Sprinklers Plus will be able to advise you as to which best suits your needs. We are familiar with such things as your water source, soil type, planting materials, and local weather conditions.


Will I save money if I install my own system?

You could actually end up spending more money in the long run. Sprinklers Plus will plan, design, and install the most energy-efficient and cost-effective sprinkler system possible. Your lawn and landscape will receive the precise amount of water that is required without wasteful overwatering. Also, the Sprinklers Plus designer is familiar with the volume and flow characteristics of all the components of your sprinkler system and is knowledgeable about the applicable local codes relating to backflow prevention.


How much will an automatic sprinkler irrigation system cost me?

The price of any custom automatic sprinkler irrigation system depends upon the size of your yard, the number of zones required for proper irrigation, the type of landscaping you have, your water source, and many other factors. As these factors can vary widely, feel free to contact us for pricing information.



"Very professional and efficient in their work.  Thanks again.  I will continue to use your services for many years." Lance Adams

"They solved my issue that 3 other companies couldn't figure out.  I wish I would of called them first.  Thanks for the great service!!Matthew Brown

"WOW!! These guys are top notch and really know their stuff.  By far the best service in the area!! Thanks!!" Rob Johnson

"Sprinklers Plus did an awesome job installing the irrigation system. The crew was knowledgeable and treated my lawn as if it was there own. Once installed they double checked for any malfunctions and leaks. I’m very satisfied with the company and crew. I would highly recommend Sprinklers Plus to anyone looking for an irrigation system." Tom Steiner

"Sprinklers Plus has been taking care of my system since we moved in 3 years ago. Derrick and his staff are awesome! Always professional, responsive and they do great work. I highly recommend reaching out if you have any sprinkler system needs" Mark Vickers

"I love my Sprinklers Plus team! They always do a great job and the company is so responsive and easy to do business with." Karla Dodson

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